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Shower Doors Atlanta Services

GLASS WORLD specializes in designing, fabricating and installing custom shower doors for the Greater Atlanta area. We would be happy to assist in your existing bathroom redesign or new construction project.

The following are examples of our work that will help you visualize the common types of frameless glass shower enclosures. Our shower gallery will help you identify the type of frameless glass shower enclosure you may be contemplating as part of your bathroom project.

Inline Shower Doors

An inline shower enclosure is a door and an adjacent panel that is “in line” or on the same plane as the door.

Three Panel Shower Doors

A hinged door and adjacent (or “in line”) panel with a “return” panel, typically at a right angle (i.e. 90 degrees) to the inline panel. The return panel often sits on the ledge of a tub, separating it from the shower enclosure.

Neo-angle Shower Doors

These showers range from three to five panels and normally meet at two 135 degree angles.

Shower Tub Screen

As the name suggests, these increasingly popular shower/tub enclosures are single panels which act as glass screens (or walls) that deflect water back into a shower or tub. For visual effect, they often utilize a radius corner on the entry side and also work well with obscure glass, such as an acid-etched piece over the tub below.


This stylish frameless alternative in 3/8″ tempered glass is a successor to the traditional 3/16″ tempered framed slider. It can be installed as a shower application or over a tub.

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